Geranium London Dry Gin

Geranium London Dry Gin

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Elaborated after years of study of many gin on the market. Geranium has characteristics very similar to the juniper, and also its history and its use are similar. From this similarity was born the idea to create a gin based in geranium instead of the juniper. The first challenge to be overcome in order to be considered a London Gin that was the essence of geranium is withdrawn by distillation instead of evaporation. With a maturation ensued finally get the much precious essence of geranium to process the gin. Produced with 10 botanical ingredients fresh and dried, "Sabina", "geranium", "lemon", "coriander", "cassia", "root of Florence", "angelic", "licorice" and two other ingredients kept secret.

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Alcohol 44%

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