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Fifthy Pounds

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Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin is obtained starting from the neutral base of grain brandy, distilled four times; in this base are dipped vegetable ingredients, for a period of two days, after which the whole is distilled a fifth time in an old pot still "John Doore" (traditionally known in London as "the Rolls Royce of stills"). After the fifth distillation, the liquid remains at rest for at least three weeks before bottling, in order to enable plant ingredients to blend perfectly. The production of Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin is according to the oldest method for small lots, and each bottle contains the lot number and the year of distillation. The gradation is fixed at 43.5% vol., Ideal for drinking distilled smooth or mixed: not too low, that is, not to lose the character, not too high so as not to distort the precious vegetal aromas. The bottle of Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin, elegant, is the modern version of the dark bottles and heavy eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, produced with square section for easier trasportoFifty Pounds - Rare and Handcrafted London Dry Gin

Alcohol content: 43.5% vol.

Capacity: ml. 700.

Provenance: London - UK.

Herbal ingredients: 11 different plant types, including herbs, spices, flowers and fruits.

Visual inspection: transparent color, crystal clear.

Nose: typical aroma, pleasantly spicy.

Taste: dry taste, fresh and clean, with great smoothness and balance.

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