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Gin Monkey 47 Black Forest Distillers is produced in Germany, in the Black Forest, Black Forest Distillers GmbH from the distillery (Stählemühle) thanks to the skillful work of the Master Distiller Christoph Keller. Much appreciated among connoisseurs of gin, this distillate boasts numerous international awards, and his reputation is in part linked to the curious name it bears. Gin Monkey 47 Schwarzwald has an unrivaled complexity of flavor and is in the category of the best gin in the world. Such a result is derived from the particular blend of 47 ingredients (decidedly atypical compared to traditional flavors of gin) carefully selected and put to soak in the water source, from the source of the Black Forest Distillers. As part of the recipe, the lion's share is of the cranberry of the Black Forest, but also other botanicals (juniper, coriander, spruce, red monarda, etc.) do their part, not to mention the skillful distillation, as well as maturation in traditional terracotta containers. The unique taste of gin Monkey 47 would be appreciated both by drinking it plain that by using it as a base for cocktails. Tasting, stands out immediately and clearly the pure scent of juniper, follows a spicy note and crisp citrus (data from the peels of bitter orange, pomelo and lemon) and a sweet floral aroma. Subsequently emerges a strong hint of peppery spice (thanks to the six different types of pepper), finally a subtle fruity and tangy bitter. A gin flavor than ever decided, yet harmonious, deeply complex and balanced with a final to be discovered.

Colour Amber intense
Fragrance notes of citrus and juniper, with an ending that recalls floral aromas
Subtle taste, intense, determined, balanced and deeply complex

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