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  • 15,00 € In Stock
    Sweet wine, complex, characterized by aromas of candied fruit, vanilla notes and floral.
  • 33,00 € In Stock
    Created in 1998 by the sons of Livio and dedicated to him for his eighty-fifth birthday, illivio reflects the personality of the "Patriarch", uniting strength with elegance.
  • 50,00 € In Stock
    Highlands was founded in 1981 and is considered one of the most prestigious Italian white wines. The balanced blend of Friulano, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon, grown at Rosazzo in the historic Terre Alte vineyards, creates an elegant wine with a profusion of intense fruit and flower aromas.
  • 50,00 € In Stock
  • 16,50 € In Stock
    Flagship Bastianich Vespa Bianco was created to highlight the power and the evolution of a great white Friulian can achieve. The Vespa manages to transcend the sum of its parts, confirming a wine of complexity and longevity out of the ordinary.
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